Welcome, We Are Steer Logic

What Is Steer Logic

Steer Logic is an automated team-roping dummy that solves the issues of inefficiency, high expense, individual practice rather than team practice and the stress to animals currently found in the roping environment.

Why You Need Steer Logic

Steer Logic is the only form of team-roping practice that will not only provide users with the ability to select their choice of roping level, but also provide them with a more effective, efficient, and humane way of practicing as a team as they would in a real competition.

A Message From A Co-Founder

“I started team-roping when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been riding since I could walk. I struggled through the process of learning how to team-rope because I did not have the money or space to maintain roping steers. The current practice dummys did not provide me with the sufficient training. My motivation behind Steer Logic was to reach out and help others who struggle just as I did, and provide them with an affordable way to train and compete in a sport they love.” – Olivia Sribniak, Co-Founder of Steer Logic